Yaa shaihu dawood valiyullah                                                                                                                                               Muradh hasill
                                                              BISMILLAH  HIRRAHMA NIRRAHEEM
(In the name of God, the most Gracious, Most Merciful)
Assalamu Alaikkum (Varah....,)
Hazarath hakkeem Shaihu Dawood. Kaamil Valiyullah-Muthupettai
The wise medical genius of the world.
(Praise be to Allah, the creator and protector of the universe.)

After the Advent of the Prophets, came the real lovers of God, to establish Absolute Truth on Earth.

These people followed the life principles of Prophet Mohammed (Sal) to the true sense of the term; they followed the principles of the Holy Quran in each and every step; to honors their sacrifice, Lord Allah endowed them with Kara math.

Lord Allah said “Oh! Real Lovers of God! Behold! verily on the friends of God there is no fear, nor shall they grieve; Those who believe And (constantly) guard Against evil;-“(10:62,10:63)

The Lord said,” You follow me and my messengers; they are akin to the Twinkling Stars of the sky, you can follow my messengers in order ; then you go in the right path: whoever is against the lovers of God, they are those who combat with me”(hatheeth Kuthsee)

“My Lovers of God (Avulias)will always be inside my realm; they will not be known to anyone else but myself.”

The Lord has prohibited the bodies of the God-Lovers being devoured by the soil; He praised the lovers of God in the Holy Quran like this:

“ They (Avulias) identified themselves in Allah: and Allah, in turn in them.”
The Lovers of God (Avulias), who have found an eternal place in the hearts of the people, have never gone astray from the Righteous Path: they renounced the worldly enjoyments: they remain the Light House: Real Lovers of God, have led the Worked in the Right Path with their Good words, deeds and lives, both in their dreams and in reality. Their charitable deeds will never die.

In this Temporal  World, we, people of momentary lives, must live and work for the Lord, who, alone is Perennial.

Real God Lovers, by following the path of Lord Allah, have retained their decaying bodies by getting the Grace of  God, thereby attaining Permanence.

Death kills the man who knows not the Lord: whereas death itself is killed by the man who knows the lord.

The mahatmas  who could kill death are those, top whom Stands this Universe; to whose powers, revealed this soil.

Real Lovers of God  are Ever Living Souls, since they lived for sake of God; they live in all parts of the world; since they sacrificed their lives in the service of God, they could Kill Death; could starve Hunger; could quench thirst; could lull sleep; could deter Terror; could kick Satan.

If (one ) gives the excessive belonging that is charity; If (one) gives their own belongings without having or saving for them, that is Dharma ; But the lovers of God have all surrendered their entire selves to the feet of God.

If you want one example, that is Muhaideen Abdul kader jeelani (Rah); he was the one who was sent by the Lord Allah; he was a great soul, praised by all from earth to the Skies. His Kabur (samadhi) is situated at Baghdas in iraq.

Lord’s saying goes like this: “Crores and crores of good souls like him, would be born and protect this world with my grace.”

The holy saint Mahan Hazarath hakkeem shaihu Dawood Kamil valiyullah; His kabur is at Muthupet, Thiruvarur District Tamilnadu South India.

To abide by the request of all believers and beneficiaries we have hereby described the wonderful life history of Our Mahan hazarath Shaihu  dawood Kamil Valiyullah please see the same and get his blessings with Lord Allah’s grace.



Bismilla Hirramanir Raheem

Assalamu alaikkum (varah)

Muthupettai dargha isa place where mahan hakkemul Hukamah seidhina Sheihul Ahlam kuthperabahani Areef Billahi Vash Shaihu Samadhani Ash Shaihu Dawwod Kamil Valiyaullah interred and is showering His Blessing to the devotees, people praise Him as the sea of grace, medical genius like this.
Though the Dargha is situated at jambuvanodai people call it as Muthupettai Dargha.
People from many parts of the world-say for instance, from Malaysia, Singapore, Sauthi Arabia, Srilanka, America, Qwaith, Dubai and from all states of India- throng here in thousands and thousands, irrespective of caste, creed or religion and attain the Blessings of him.
Incurable disease, cruel devils, Jins and imps, horrible diseases branded as hopeless by great physicians, mental depressions and Psychic problems and confusions all such hopeless cases are hopefully cured by the wonderful power of our Mahan. These are the daily achievements here, not a rare phenomenon of any one day.

The great Mahan Hakeem Shaihu  Dawood Kamil Valiyullah hails from the family heredity of Prophet Moosa  nabi Alaihissalam Bani Israyil Kavumil.

Some 700 years before, this Jambuvanodai was a thick forest, surrounded by tall trees and shrubs, Even today, the ancient people of this region call this place “Akkarai Kadu”

 Once , a man by name karuppaiya Konar, was tilling the ground, after deforesting the land. While doing so, he collapsed on the ground, in bloodshed;  he lost his eyesight too. That moment , he heard the voice of  Bhava from the Sky; “ I am the Real Lover of Islam ; my name is Hakkem Shaihu Dawood Kamil Valiyullah. I am interred in the place where you tilled the ground. Don’t feel bad. You go and take the people who are awaiting my service at Nachikulam. You will get back your eyesight.”

At that time, mr.Karuppayya’s wife came there to fed her husband. She was very much shocked to see her husband is swooning stage, losing his eyesight. He was awakened by the loud cries of his wife. What a wonder? he got back his eyesight. Getting back his conciousness, Mr.Karuppaiah related the details to his wife. To their surprise, they saw two Islam brothers, waiting there.

They informed the couple that they were already announced all these details by Bhava; they all reached Jambuvanodai. They were aranged to see the Samadhi being erected and tow lemons placed to mark the directions where the head and foot of bhava being Lain.

Khan brothers, coming from Nachikulam made the dhoops, lit the light cover the kabur with blanket and made the prayer after reciting the Fathima Yasin every day, staying all through the day time under the thatched roof. After lighting a lamp, they used to leave for Nachikulam every night.

many years passed. One day the King of Thanjavur, Acchudhappa Naicker came along that way, with his army. his Elephant did not move from that place, even after tireless efforts. Part placed the “sandhanam” (Sandal paste) on the elephant’s forehead, at once moved the elephant from there. the King, having been wonder struck, offered 5½ Veli land under the patta name “ Shaihu Dawood Andavar Dargha, after offering his sincere prayers and offering to Bhava.

Even today, this place is known as “ Fallen” Elephant House” (yannai Vizhundhan Kidangu”) After many more years, this Dargha was constructed step by step and now stands a monumental building at Jambuvanodai. Every year in the Hijri of Islamic year in the Islamic month of Jamathul Avval. in the First Crescenthe holy flag is hoisted and in the tenth Crescent the sandal nest is formed and in the fourteenth Crescent, the holy flag is downed and celebrated as Big Handoori Festival. It is in this festival, thousands of Hindu, Muslim devoted used to participate. Those who are unable to participate send the amount by post and thereby they get their prayers fulfilled. The one more grand aspect being that Nagore Andavar hazarath Shahul Hameed Badhusha Nayagam, Keezhakarai Gnana Kadal  Sadhakkathullah Appa, pallakku Thambi Oliyullah, Pothagudi Noor Mohamed Sha Valiyullah and many other Valimargal with their Hayat

In the Altar of mahan Bava, persons affected by  incurable disseses, cruel devils, Jins and imps, horrible diseaes branded as hopeless by great physicians, mental depressions and physics problems and confusions stay here for 11 or 41 days and fulfill the offering as they prayed and get cured from their ailments. Every Friday night thousands of Hindu and Muslim devotees  come and stay here to get their problems solved. (Actually as per Islamic custom, the  Friday starts from the evening of Thursday).

Such incredible wonders are continuously performed with the Grace of Lord Allah, See! The Altar of our Bhava remains the hospitable of the poor, offering free treatment and the merciful grove of the downtrodden from the day of our Bava being interred here, uncountable wonders are being performed till date.

Honourable Governor Thiru.K.K.shaw once came to the altar of Bava, after cleansing body in the Shifa Tank, situated to the opposite of this Dharha. Drinking three mouthfuls of water, he sat downand prayed for more than half-an hour there. Then he came out and revealed the grace of God, that was bestowed upon him (stating he came to know about this place, the mahan Bava and the holy tank Shifa from anarticle in “The Hindu”,) He further said that he had got his grievances removed after having seen the mahan after having done the oblution with the Holy Shifa tank water. It is an recent incident. The sandhanam (Sandal paste) on the Jiyarath Kabur of the Mahan Bave, Flowers on the roof above the Kabur, the lighted oil of the lamp and the Holy water of the Shifa Tank being the curable medicines of ailments.

Bava’s Jiarath abounds in 60 feet. the door gets open, soon after the first call for subhu prayer (early morning prayer) and is closed at 9.30 p.m. Every Monday night, soon after the Mahribu prayer, Dawoodhiya Majlisil Mauludhu shreribu is chanted.

People who come here, as per their aspirations and needs, fixing their kabula Niyyathu to have their needs  fulfilled, they offer the Holy Muradh Hasil Blanket:  offer sadhaka in the from of rice in the name of Lord Allahu, praying for longevity; give away lambs and sheep alive as per the instruction os Mahan Bava in the dream. All aspirations and deeds of the believers (devotees) are being fulfilled even from the day of this Dharga being elders, that the Holy Blanket being offered to the bhava, for the sake of giving respect (sangai), not expecting any personal gain.

May Lord Allahu for the sake of Mahan hakkeem Shaihu Dawood Kamil Valiyullah (as per his earlier thuvas (prayers) for the whole world), bless all of us with long life, unlimited wealth, health, physical fitness, Noor of Iman, all sorts of prosperity etc.,

May Agriculture, Business, all profession proper May the Evil Eye. Jealousy, supernatural ailments caused by jin, satan, imps and Devils be driven out!

Let us all pray to Lord Allah for a contented and prosperous life to the entire Universe.

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